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We create ballsy brands, buzzing cultures and banging careers.
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Ballsy Brand

We have a solid suite of tools to get your brand off the ground, or back to rocking!
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Buzzing Culture

We tweak, or mend, your company culture, so it becomes the perfect launch pad for amazing talent.
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Banging Career

We pinpoint the cramps in your mojo to set up your rise to the top of the food chain! 
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Developing a consistent offer
– Ethnography
– Audience segmentation
– New products & services
– Brand experience (incl. customer journeys)
– Brand architecture
– Value propositions
– Brand tracking

Promoting your brand
– Tone of voice
– Messaging matrix
– Social media makeover
– Creative briefs & briefings
– Copywriting & proof reading
– Marketing plans

Building your brand
– Brand audit & analysis
– Stakeholder interviews
– Research (qual & quant)
– Business strategy
– Creative brand strategy
– Insights & big ideas
– Brand framework

Desperately seeking a strategist
– Sounding board
– Research
– Insights
– Big ideas
– Workshop design & facilitation
– Presentation story & development

Tackling the basics
– M&A culture alignment
– Toxic culture fix
– Diversity implementation strategies
– Management skills 101
– Recruitment overhaul
– Performance review revamp

Creating Internal Engagement
– Culture health check
– Values & behaviours
– Brand immersion workshops
– EVP & employer brand
– Brand toolkits & internal comms
– Culture activation

Up-skilling your team
– Team bonding
– Building presentations
– People management & talent nurturing
– Language & tone of voice
– Public speaking & confidence
– Storytelling

Creating strong leaders
– Negotiation & persuasion
– Delegation & separation
– Leadership skills & elevation
– Personal profile & brand
– Brand advocates & promotion
– Succession planning

A foot in the right door
– Resumé
– Cover letters
– Job matching
– Insights and intel
– Profile building
– Mock interviews

Wobbles and insecurities
– Identifying core strengths
– Filling skills gaps
– Regaining confidence
– Self promotion techniques
– Finding your worth
– Taking charge

The quest for world domination
– Objective & goal setting
– Identifying opportunities
– Promotions & moves
– Career planning
– Upward management
– Self promotion techniques

I think I’m onto something
– Shaping your offer
– Laying the foundations
– Building your brand
– Finding the ‘why’
– Networking & promotion
– Starting up!

*From good old training and mentoring, to snazzy Ultra HD Mentoring (with tools and everything!) and speedy Brand Clinics, we can point you in the right direction. 
We’ve also got a bunch of great brand strategy training modules to get you going, if you wanna learn how to nail being a strategist like us... Just ask!

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